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i need new userpics....

not as if i actually have time to sit around designing them or anything. but i think they upped the limit of what you can have, a few weeks back, and i'm tired of my current ones. oh, well.

busy little me. i wish i had more great stories to tell, like edallia, but unfortunately i'm spending most of my time trying to keep up with my own life.

i'll try to do a more proper update later today (and hopefully with some re-design of my userpics and journal, which are starting to look a little eyesore-ish). for now, IM me if you have the time, because i need something to distract me from work--i've gotten enough done this week that i suspect i'll be a little useless today. thank god it's friday.
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TGI Freaking F

Quick entry:

I love my job. No, really, I was a little apprehensive about leaving John's office, because of the Great Unknown Quotient that LINGUIST List represented, but...I LOVE my job. Teasing our tech support guy, laughing with Helen and everyone at the weekly meeting, feeling like I'm doing relatively important and academically pertinent's awesome.

Granted, I'm still a wee bit worried about the impending entry into academia, simply because I know I'm going to have to adapt to/develop into the temperament necessary to deal with the majority of the people in this field, and PhD is a whole 'nother ball of wax.

However, nothing I've encountered in grad school so far has been over my head, and I suspect that even writing a thesis will not, in the end, be over my head.

Anyhow, tonight was great, hanging out at Ryan's, eating pizza, watching VH1 music 'best of' and 'freakiest' and 'oddest' type shows, playing WoW and watching Ryan playing surprisingly realistic NCAA games...I'm sorry, this beats the hell out of going to a club, bar, movie...basically anything which requires me to leave the house and wear a bra...hell, y'all know what I mean.

Anyhow, I'm exhausted from my first full week back in 'full-time' mode. (Even though last semester I was technically working 40 hours or more the whole time, it didn't FEEL full-time. This is, and does). So we're going to hit the sack, although I just heard the upstairs PC turn on so I guess it won't be quite yet...anyhow, rambly 'ol me.

I heard from an old high school buddy who'd fallen off the face of the earth for a while today, and he inspired me a little bit to start writing...because, y'know, one of these days I'm GOING to write a novel, but maybe I have to get it going by churning out pretentious short stories and bad fanfic. First installment, coming up next week. Stay tuned...
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new semester and tattoos

I feel a little like I've gotten off the chairlift at the veeeery top of a mountain, and am peering over the edge into oblivion (or a double-black-diamond, take your pick), and i'm not feeling quite steady on the board yet.

New semester, and all that.

Here's my list of commitments through April:

-LINGUIST List: 35-40 hours per week. Manage (and completely rebuild) QC. Get teh IntrAnets working. Fund Drive. Year of the Pig.

A) Phonology, with the foremost Natural Grammar/Cognitive Grammar theorist (or so he says). He Wrote the Book (literally, we're using a draft textbook). Fortunately, I seem to have more than sufficient groundwork in place because of multiple intro classes and cognition last semester. Pray it lasts.

B) Discourse Analysis, with my boss, and so far it looks almost like a creepy re-run of Decidedly Abnormal Language Acquisition (from the past summer). However, I have yet to actually attend the class, so I suppose time will tell. However, in Albuquerque I declared my passion for discourse, pragmatics, and all things of that nature, and as the first LL-er to show a desire to proceed in the subfield, Helen has already penciled in my 'A'.

-CVS Pharmacy: This is almost a lark, with everything else I have committed to. 8-10 hours a week? No sweat. Mon-Thurs, on the go from 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. with nary (well, barely) a break? Could get mighty interesting around here.

Oh yeah, and I have a boyfriend under all that. Who, while I was in Albuquerque, repeatedly exclaimed over the phone about "how very far away you are..." (sounding a wee bit like Piglet..."I'm only a very small animal..."), and who further, upon my return, gazed dreamily at me and when asked to share his thoughts, proclaimed that he was "just pondering what the future holds for us". (He then drew my attention to the word /us/, in a manner which told me he wanted me to be proud of him for putting it out on the line like that. However, the next day he tried to argue that I can't take anything he says while drunk that seriously. I can agree with this, but then again, he wasn't drunk at the time. What a goofball).

In other news:
pelvicqueen landed a hot spot at a PR firm in Ferndale, and so is leaving the dreary halls of Driktech behind. Much congratulations are in order, and Our Plans for Apartmentage continue.

sweetfreesia is engaged. To Dave. (I don't have a username for him). Sorry, paradoxymoron, now you can stop asking if she has a boyfriend. It's official. And gimme my hard drive back. You can swing by CVS on Telegraph south of Michigan Ave tomorrow night, in fact, if you want.

So, the dieting continues apace. Mom already says she thinks I may have dropped a pound or three already, but we'll see what Mr. Scale has to say about that in the morning. I think I mentioned everyone who reads this journal by name, except, of course, blacktigr and edallia, both of whom (who? whose journals, I guess) I read voraciously with no knowledge of whether or not they know that. And that last sentence functions as some sort of gauge which has just edged into the red, telling me to shut up and go to bed before my brain explodes. Or LJ does. Anyhow, over and out, space monkey.

Oh, before I go, the tattoos part of the title. Ryan and I had started joking about getting tattoos (me a small winnie-the-pooh one in some hip or pelvic-type region, him a spartan-themed one on a bicep), but he appears to be taking this seriously. sweetfreesia, you need to tell me if this is a Better Idea or Worse Idea than us getting our noses pierced. Right. Good night.
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happy endings

i have this thing about happy endings. books, movies, anything which is the product of the american mindset has a happy ending. the girl lands the guy, the couple works it out, the bad guys are beaten, and the dinner isn't burnt. the hell?

don't get me wrong, not every single work of fiction which is created in this mindset results in sunshine and puppies. for example, the horror genre tends towards odd endings (stephen king and others, darker others, come to mind). however, almost every movie i can dredge out of memory which wasn't a 'foreign' film has an ending which, if not happy, is at least resolved.

i just get the feeling that this is, by and large, some side effect of The American Dream. because everyone here 'starts off the same way' (snigger), we believe that all stories have, if not a happy ending, an ending.

and unfortunately, kids, that just ain't the way life works. life is messy, and weird, and lopsided, and we deal with that the best we can and move on and keep going, but i think that part of the reason that so many people are so discontented--so frustrated--with life is that we have such an unrealistic expectation, or model, of what life is actually about.

it kinda burns me when i get to the end of the story, and the happy couple drives off into the sunset. because now matter how happy you are in life, no one really drives off anywhere. the happiest lives are the product of work, dedication, a sense of center and balance, and possibly some luck, but life isn't just one big storyline. i think we cheat ourselves because we unconsciously treat our lives as though they're scripted.


in the week leading up to thanksgiving, i want to take the time to remind myself (however trite it seems) of all that i have to be grateful for:

my family
friends (holly, jon, mike, the LLers)
a good education
a challenging job
no fear of hunger, pain, cold, or danger
a promise of a good life, as i learn how to be content, centered, balanced
really, the promise that, when it comes down to it, i still believe that i can be anything i want to be.

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new laptop...yummy...happy birthday to me!

paradoxymoron, you still have my portable HD. i'd sorta like it back whenever we can manage to meet up?

but i had a good birthday. susie and pat came home and surprised me (i thought no one would be able to make it home to have a birthday dinner with me), and we'll be having dinner soon. plus, of course, new laptop. yay!

more soon!
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so, i have new jobs like whoa.

first, the Linguist List. if you wouldn't know a morpheme if it bit you on the ass, the site's not for you. NO LIST FOR YOU!

second, the ESL teaching. my students are germans and japanese. if i say it fast enough i sound like eddie izzard in dress to kill. ::peace peace peace peace peace is organized::

thirdly, and most interestingly, because i have the strong feeling i'll soon be a regular on customers_suck, i've been offered a part-time position as a pharmacy tech. yup, a regular ol' register monkey with drugs.

however, the job offer was contingent on two things: a background check (criminal, not credit, thank heavens) and a drug screen. of course, i'm little mary sunshine goody-two-shoes (to mix a metaphor of sorts) and i have no problem supplying that, er, information.

now, i got my fingers stitched up last february when i unwittingly smashed a glass at work and ran my fingers not-so-lovingly over it. because of workers' comp rules i had to go to the ER and give a blood screen before the doc did his thing, and that episode was a Collapse ), but since i had to do the drug screen then, i figured i had no problem with one now.
right? Collapse )

throughout the whole experience i felt like i had done something wrong. it made me assume that she treats everyone this way, including people convicted of possession of one-millionth of an ounce or people freebasing or sweet little old ladies, at least if sweet little old ladies ever required a drug screen. it wasn't the fact that i had to give a sample--it's that i was treated as though she thought i was going to fail.

i talked to mom later and she said she felt the same way when she had to be fingerprinted prior to being allowed to teach. it wasn't that she was fingerprinted, it was the manner in which the procedure was done.

however, that's done and behind me, and next week i get to see how well i'll hold up to the ridiculous schedule i've planned for myself. friday night is karaoke; saturday night a get-together with holly and curt, and for christ's sweet sake, if anyone can think of a costume for me in the theme of 'classic horror movies' that can be pulled together for around $15, please let me know.
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i've been a bad, bad girl...(i've been careless with a delicate man)

I've been so busy. I'll do a full update no later than the first week of october, when the law firm from hell is squarely in my rear-view mirror. for now, i'm just procrastinating before getting to work on a series of browser checks, which is actually my preferred alternative to reading several chapters of my cognitive psych material and writing a paper on my opinion of which theory of perception and pattern recognition makes more sense.


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more later. plus, the board is now taking suggestions for Things To Do For Meredith's Birthday. set aside the weekend closest to the 25th, all right?

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