earthendenim (earthendenim) wrote,

oh, the humanity...

Had a 7 hour shift today (which was unusual, since I'm about as part-time as you can get, and usually only work 3 hours per week since they've cut our tech hours to almost nothing) and today our registers went down...

Usually, when the registers go down, you can't do anything on them. No charges, no checks, no nothing. Our registers apparently decided they wanted to fuck with our minds, and only crashed the product database. We didn't realize it right away (we thought they were totally down), but we could register the discount cards and a handful of the store items, as well as the prescriptions (thank god), and we could accept checks and credit...but most of the regular store items had to be hand-keyed. of course, only about 40% of our items are actually individually price-labeled, and ALL the sale information is in the product database...

Therefore, within the first 2 minutes of the "We're down! Mayday!" announcement, we have a woman who thinks that technical restrictions don't apply to her:

"You don't understand! I'm leaving tomorrow for vacation! I can't come back in an hour or two! I NEEEEEEEEED my drugs!"

Well, hell, lady. If you need them, let me just pull my (fully function) auxilliary terminal out of my ass and ring you right up! Why didn't you say so in the first place!

My favorite, however, was this chick. The normal transaction time (and I'm a speed demon) has telescoped from about 45 seconds to about 3 minutes, since I have to key everything in. The details aren't important, but I had a customer at my register, and the pharmacist was on the phone. The current customer tried to pay with a gift card, and after a few game swipes I informed her that I was really sorry, but we just can't take this right now. She decides to void her order and pay cash for just a gallon of milk. The following ensues:

HW: Huffy Woman
CC: Current Customer
IB: Innocent Bystander

Me: Okay, let me just void that out and rering this...(scanny scan)
HW: HUFF! SIGH! Are you going to HELP!!?! me?
Me: (with a quick smile and a touch of sickly sweet) I'll be with you in JUST a moment.

Me, CC, and IB: (boggle)

HW stalks down to where the pharmacist is on the phone, and demands that he come down and ring her up. Now, we have a rule that if there are more than 3 people in line, we have to call for backup. Granted, the whole store was in clusterfuck mode. It's actually a really good thing that this woman walked out of earshot, or I'd've said something that might've landed me in trouble.

All in all, the day wasn't too bad. I continue to be more amused by the audacity of these people than offended or upset by their ranting.

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