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it's crazy how fast the days are slipping past me. i just checked out my journal, since i felt like it'd been a few days since i posted anything, and it was over a week! augh!

i'm really looking forward to our vacation. we leave for alabama in 15 more days. as ryan said, "this one is different". i mean, we're still staying with grandma and papa, so it's not like we can sleep in the same bed (...crumbs!), but it's going to be the first vacation the two of us will take where we have a long drive, and a whole week together. we went up to see his folks in august, but it was only for 5 days, was different.

both of us are really excited about it. i'm mostly excited to go to the library and get out 4,562 books, take them with me, and tell everyone at LL "SEE ya!" for the week. no programming, no photoshopping, no posting, no IMing...woot!

honestly, i'm going to try and grab an AOL demo CD and get some sort of access while we're down there, because as sad as it is, i don't think i can live without the internets for more than a day or two. we'll see.

also, on friday night, ryan and i are scheduled (doom...doom...DOOM!) to babysit. for a two-year-old. i'm not exactly thinking it's that big a deal, but on the other hand, for a couple in our type of situation, it should at least be food for thought and a vehicle for conversation.

other than that, things are generally all right. i'm working too much, but hopefully this summer things will improve a bit. i think i'm going to forget about the golf course idea, largely because that would make 3 jobs rather than 2, and that's just stressful, and...although i'd love the free golf and the being outside, i'm not sure it wouldn't be more stress (monetarily and mentally) than it's worth. but...but...summer evening! want to be out there!

i won't have to take a class over the summer, although i might start collecting data/researching for my thesis, but i think that not having evenings tied up all the time (in addition to my 40 hours per week) will actually turn out better. plus, i'll be moving out and it'll be all apartment-y happiness.

anyhow, i'm going to get back and do some more work, and then some homework, and then go to class later this evening. i feel a wee bit crummy and totally wish i didn't have to go, but...ditching is bad, y'know?

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