earthendenim (earthendenim) wrote,

Obviously, I need to get better at updating.

I saw the most wonderful form of justice today as I was heading in to work. I'm minding my own business, cruising down Telegraph in the late rush-hour traffic, going my usual 5-over, (...thanks again, Livonia's Finest), and watching the crazy people doing 65 only to get caught at the *very next light*. Every time. Hilarity ensued.

So I'm stopped at a red, and it was one of the minor red lights you get before a major road (at 7 Mile, this was). Dude in an old battered maroon Taurus (chunky guy, blond ponytail, ultimate gamer-loser stereotype in action), probably late for work or whatnot, and pulls up in a rolling stop, hesitates, and keeps moving. If he were walking, this would be a nonchalant saunter--through a red light. Of course, he just gets caught again with me at the light at Grand River (which he doesn't roll through) and peels off again when it turns green.

I roll my eyes and continue on my merry way. As I pass 6 mile, the traffic in front of me slows a bit, giving me a glimpse of those shiny old police lights. As I pass the officer making the traffic stop, I see it's my friend in the Taurus. Ah, sweet justice...(stupid Livonia).

The only more-justified traffic stop I've seen is when I was backed up by an accident, down to one lane on M-14 a few months ago. Two SUVs decided that they were too important, and passed everyone on the left shoulder. As I cleared the jam, I saw the two of them pulled over on the right shoulder for driving in whatever illegal manner the officer decided to charge them with. I only wish this happened more often!

I'm taking a half-day tomorrow, so maybe I'll also take the time to post a *real* update of what's been going on with me. Granted, it's not terribly exciting, and all three of you who read this (blacktigr, pelvicqueen, and Baby Sister--well, I work with one, live with the second, and share blood with the third, so it's not as if you all don't know what's up anyhow.

Well...back to work!

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