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So, watching the San Antonio-Dallas game with dad, the following occurred:

Announcer: "...and here's Devon Harris, coming into the game."
Me: "I know that name...Dad, who did Harris play for in college?"
Dad: "Wisconsin."
Me: "Right! And this is what, his second year...?"

...etc. What all this made me wonder has to do with the fairly incredible and encyclopedic knowledge that many guys (at least, those I tend to spend time with) have about the various sports. My dad knew the school the guy went to, and even if he'd been in the league more than a year or two, he would have known. So would Ryan.

Now, this guy was Big Ten, so it's not that surprising. However, to get to the point (...too late!), I wonder if there's something natural for guys, or whether it gets sort of bred into them as they grow up, that allows them to remember these sort of things. Granted, I can look back at certain events and remember what dress I wore or the jewelry I had on, and I guess that's a different sort of knowledge.

I watch lots of sports, and while I don't exactly read the sports page cover to cover, I do keep up with most of the major ones. But I feel like I'd never be able to achieve the level of comfort my dad, boyfriend, and brother have with the names, numbers, schools and teams!

Thoughts on this? Is there some cognitive reason guys remember this stuff so (seemingly) effortlessly? Do they just spend more time on it than gals do? Interesting question, like I said.

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