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good weekend

So, my to-do list at work is piling up, and...I'm going to post an update!

No, really, I should be able to knock most of this stuff out before I leave at 5 today. It's such a wonderful feeling to know that, once work is done for the day, I'll be--GASP!--going home.

Once I go home, I'm going to drag out my brand-spankin'-new Gazelle exercise machine. The thing is pretty sweet. I might have to Bridget Jones it and record poundage and alcohol consumption...

We had a lovely Mothers' Day yesterday. I spent the morning trudging around with Dad and getting gifts, flowers and groceries, and then we puttered in the kitchen for the rest of the day and produced a reasonably tasty meal for everyone. Then Gran and Dad started arguing politics, and I opened another beer, and...well, those of you who were there, you know. The rest of you? You don't want to.

Anyhow, I should probably get to work over here, and try to post a better update later. There's more stuff from the weekend, but I'll try to put it into better story form.

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